Dfficulty being alone in the house

I cannot sleep at night my doc won’t give me tablets so I buy night all they give me a couple of hours.i watch that much judge judy I could get a law degree lol

This is exactly how I feel family can do all but still feel alone. Days seem pointless just going through the motions.

exactly, sit watching tele waiting for bedtime. Do not like being alone at night, have the tele on all night, just for the comfort. but then when I do sleep it disturbs me but cannot switch it off.

Hi Tim I couldn’t even contemplate thinking I could be with someone else,John and I were married to long to we weren’t without our ups and downs having 4children we were like a yo yo,we lost a son (30) in a car crash but struggled on.that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good friendship with other people I lost my best friend of 50yrs 2mths before my husband oh dear I sound like one of those people poor me but I’m not I’m fun person like a good laugh like my Martini and Coke lol

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Please excuse my grammar my daughter is always correcting me about it hee hee

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Hi lyn I live in a flat I have an old man above me so I bought earphones so I wouldn’t disturb him during the night.i watch u tube Netflix anything so I can get an hours sleep when I wake up to has switched itself off.im going home to Glasgow tomorrow get back to empty house but the longer I put it off the longer it takes to try and accept,when I go away and come back I’ve got into a habit of saying out loud well this me on my own better stop talking to a photo or I will end up on a funny farm hee hee

I started this conversation 3 months ago. I have just read the recent posts. It is now nearly 6 months since my husband died. I was so determined to get my life back. When you are 73 you haven’t got much time left. I still hate coming home. When I see the front door my heart sinks. I put the lights on straight away and that helps. I read that tip in a book about living alone.Evenings are still really difficult. I so identify with all of you that say you are just going through the motions of living each day. Nothing seems to have any significance. I am, in theory, lucky because I play the piano and keyboard and used to enjoy reading. I can’t practise the piano, only play a bit and very easy things. I can only watch murder mysteries on TV. I can’t concentrate on anything else.I have done some gardening today but I was not really involved in the activity, just passing the time.Cutting things down seems therapeutic but is it? I am really just waiting to go to bed where I feel safe. I can read a bit and I do sleep so that is something. I am so sorry for all of you that can’t sleep. One way I get to sleep if I am having trouble is playing my musical scales in my head. You could try poetry, painting a picture in your mind or walking in a beautiful garden - anything to stop worrying about not sleeping which just makes you more tense. I am having bereavement counselling at the moment. It is bringing out all the bad things from my past. I don’t know if it’s going to be helpful or not. All I know is that my husband gave my security and stability and now I don’t have that and don’t know where I am going. I feel as though I am drifting through space, not anchored to the earth. I’m sorry for being negative when I would have liked to bring hope to you all. Perhaps it is still too early. Take care, all of you.x

Hi Billie
Your reply struck a chord with me. I’ve been widowed since March and think about my husband every hour and every day. I would love another friend / partner but deep down I want my husband back.
I can’t begin to think of happiness with another man but I’m hoping you follow the road right for you

Hi Eve and everyone, now at beginning of 2nd year: have been to Mexico with my lovely daughter and grandchildren so I’ve been distracted. Returning to reality is strange, what did I expect? I suppose we hope to feel easier but to be honest I don’t. Trying real hard just to cope but small things knock me off balance so easily. Best wishes and take care xxxx