Did my mum think about me before she left me

Hi I don’t know about anyone else but I have to ask myself this so mum. Did my think about me in the last moments. I know I did every second of every day when she was very Ill. It’s normal for a son to think this way. What was she thinking did think anything.
This is haunted me for over 6 years. I must know it would give me comfort to think my mum did.
I suspect my mum didn’t think anything. I know I was so proud of her my mum would of been of me.
I won’t rest until I know for sure.


Hi Steven,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,

Of course she will have been thinking about you and of course she will be proud of you. And She will still be thinking of you and watching you continuing to make her proud :heart:

I knew anyway. It is hard living with this not knowing exactly what my mum was thinking in the last moments. I feel in pain thinking about this. I can’t describe how I feel exactly. The day she went I wasn’t there. Stupid me I was standing outside waiting to go in to work. I was one of them that didn’t get to say goodbye. It’s a horrible regret I have to live with.
If I had of been there with my mum I could of got to say all the things I wanted to say to my mum even though she wasn’t conscious but who knows she may of looked at me. I know one thing I will never live with this regret

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The thing about grief in my own personal experience you are led to believe that there is 5 stages of grief. Perhaps what I’m experiencing is complicated grief. It’s the torture it puts you through. I didn’t ask for this no way did I. It’s living with it I can’t bear. I know I’m not alone

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Hello, Grief comes in many different ways, we come to terms with one but but then to get with another aspect, I too wasn’t there when my husband died and I struggled with this but in the end I thought my husband would have known if I knew the end was coming I would have been there.

In respect of what they were thinking at the end, probably just peaceful & not thinking much, anything you want to say to your mum you could perhaps say to her photo? She may hear you? We don’t know that she won’t.

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Hello Steven, I am sure she did think of you. - My brother called out for me just before he died. I ran down the stairs and I saw him sliding off his chair. He held up his right hand as if he was waving goodbye. I have thought of this for many month now, but it does not get any easier. Pleas don’t torture yourself like I did. Think of the good things instead. - Nick

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Hi nick. Wow that’s incredible
I do know what your saying and for nearly 7 years since my mum left I haven’t been able to comprehend why this was done to me and my family. We are heartbroken and so beside ourselves
I want to turn the clock go right Back to before my mum got so unwell. I know it’s impossible but if someone said to me I can do what you want nothing would stop me I could see my mum have her back permanently I would never let go I’d hold onto my mum for dear life.

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