Died alone at work i want answers

We both work in the same hospital he was a painter and he was painting a side room on a busy ward, where he was found at about 1600. He phoned me at 10.00 after that his phone was not used at all, he was not seen at the usual break places or at lunch he always went the same places and met the same people. He always left at about 1450. Would be home by 1515. This is where it gets interesting first there’s a witness who saw him at 1550!! well that’s impossible then it changed to someone saw him at 1450. Again no it’s about a ten minute walk to his car from where he was he wouldn’t of been there then either. Also the room he was painting was half finished when if he had been painting it longer he would of finished it. I am being led to believe that it was a short time between him being seen and him dying are they trying to protect me or themselves? To me it seems he probably passed away sometime between talking to me and lunch at midday since nobody saw him and it is only when it was realised he didn’t go to base that anyone looked for him. He was in the en-suite bathroom of a side room so he was behind 2 closed doors, they close the doors because patients don’t like the smell of paint.

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My condolences on your partner’s death but also for the way it happened which understandably has you trying to find the solution in your head. It sounds very difficult.

I am trying to think if there is anything that could give more clues. Is it possible he has a FitBit watch or any other smart watch, stepcounting app or app on his phone like Facebook or WhatsApp that shows when he last looked at them? Are there cameras somewhere in the hospital that may have seen him? I think it will be hard though and to be honest my husband died in front of me (of a heart attack) and even though I witnessed his final moments I still have lots of questions anyway that can never be answered. I think our minds try to make sense of something that is senseless… How we can lose our entire lives in an instant.

Sorry again that there is no comfort I (or anyone) can probably offer that will be even a small percent sufficient… Its just so awful. Take care.

Thankyou for your reply I’m just trying to make sense of it al x

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I agree with FleurDeLis, our brains try to make sense of something that doesn’t seem to make any sense at all. My husband died with no warning and we still don’t know why. He was out running and collapsed. He was only 50. I still don’t get how my life can have gone from being happy with plans and hope for the future to this nightmare. I don’t understand why our lovely partners who we needed to be here with us were taken so suddenly. I don’t think I will ever understand. Sending hugs