Different breathing!

Is it just me or does anyone else notice a change in their breathing?

My beloved was “temporarily separated” 27th May, 2021. I’ve noticed the last few months when I think of here not only do tears come (not always crying just tears) but my breathing changes noticeably.

It’s like I’m checking my breathing and it seems synchronised to my emotions if that makes sense.

Recently was driving round places we loved to go in Suffolk and I said out loud ‘missing you so much darling, this isn’t so special now without you here with me” at once my breathing seemed so different as if I was holding my breathe and slowly letting it out again and obviously my eyes were leaking a lot of tears I had to pull over and rest till I could see ok.

I know I’ll never “get over her” (I really do not want to) but the emptiness and loneliness inside of me aches for her. I was so blessed to have been married to her for just under 55 years.

Is it just me with this breathing change?

Shalom john (and marian) :pray:t2::blue_heart: