Difficult funeral

I have lost a lovely friend
I visited him regularly and was able to be with him in his last days.
A family member who had not seen him for months organised his funeral so that she did not have to talk to me.
I dont knowwhat i have done, she has cleared up his belongings and cut all contact with me.
I just want to let her know how well he was cared for in his last week.
Should I write?
I feel hurt by being cut off, but part of me thinks it is better to leave well alone.
I was there for my friend in the end…
I feel this should be enough

Being cut off and treated badly is very hurtful, I don’t think it’s easy to forget.so it isn’t always enough to begin with (knowing you did lovely things for your friend) if it makes you feel better maybe write a letter.you don’t have to post it if you decide not to x

Thanks…that’s a good idea

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