Disliking how life is

I was wondering if anyone had any advice to help me.

I know people say if you dont like how your life is going then change it but what happens when the thing that made it disliked cant be changed (losing my mum)

My little one has just started school so I’m disliking shes not around as much as she use to be and i do like my job. And ive always been abit rubbish at making friends so seein my little one with friends is great.
I just dont know what to do, i feel nothing seems to makes me feel better im just plodding along each day doing things i need to do, passing the time.

Hi Nicci
I think when people say that about changing your life, it means if you are in a job you dont like, or if you are in a bit of a rut…
You have lost your Mum which is totally different…
In just a few days I have found the posts on this site invaluable and they have made me realise that I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings…
Please be kind to yourself

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Hi im the same, people on here have helped. Send a message to me or anyone on here, we understand completely xx


Hey thank you for replying.
Tonight im feeling abit pants about it all. Hubby being useless, all i wanna do is talk about anything and all he is doin is starting at a stupid computer screen sayin one word answers to me.
I just hate the one person i want to talk to and i cant.

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Ive had the same today. But in the opposite way where mym mum likes to talk but i cant to her but can to other ppl not so close and theyve been good. My mum has her sisters and friend to talk to too but today we have been bickering , like we are taking it out on each other. And your husband is probably feeling like he doesnt know how to help. If you cant talk to him, find others , maybe that have gone through similar. Coz they know how you are feeling. And every person deals with it differently. I cant speak to my partner, so i text him lol. But maybe you could try that and tell him how you are feeling and not feeling like he is supporting you xxxx

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Thank you Maria21

Me and hubby have been messaging today, which i think has helped alittle. Hopefully he will reply to my messages when i txt him in the future, he has been today so hopefully he will keep up with it

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