It’s bean a while, since I posted, kind of found a distraction, spoke and met a lady coping with the loss of her husband. It was a pleasant experience, but it has sadly come to an end, so back to just me alone with my memories. I wonder now, what it just a case of papering, over cracks, Those cracks have reappeared. So I am thinking all we can ever do is paper over cracks, they will always be here, these cracks, are sysmic, tore apart the foundations of our very life’s. We continue to try and survive, and move on, so take the chances, of some distractions, but that’s all they ever will be.
Take care, all


Pete, I think you now understand your grief. Hard but true, so we all go and buy rolls of paper and some very strong glue. There’s a poem that says ‘you will always be a part of me’ and yes that special person never goes away. Personal I am pleased because my special person is always around me which is very comforting.
See you at B&Q. S xxx