Anyone else finding there having to do jobs our lived ones would have done. Well today i decided to put some little shelves up in bedroom so got jims tools out of shed and remember all he taught me. And managed to get them up and there straight. I miss having someone to do things but think i did a good job. Jim must have been watching me hope hes proud.


@Misprint jim woukd have been very proud. Good job.


You’ve done a good job, well done Jim will be proud. x


They look fabulous @Misprint . Yes, I’m sure he was watching over you and will be so proud, as you should be.

I was up a scaffolding tower last summer sanding and varnishing window frames. There will be more to do this year plus some new tops for the strawberry beds with wire mesh on to make. I feel close to Richard using his tools and driving his truck. It’ll always be his truck and they will always be his fields.


I really wish I could use David’s tools and things but the very thought makes me want to break down. I keep looking at the garden and it breaks my heart because he always used to make it look so nice when he did the lawn and strimmed. Then we used to plant up the pots together in the spring. I’m finding it so hard thinking about the spring and summer coming. Love to you all. Jean.

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Well done ! You must have a sense if achievement now. It gives me hope as my husband was brilliant at DIY and making things - I’m hopelessbit I’ll.have to learn liked you.

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