Do dogs understand grief

Caught one of my dogs crying at Jim’s bedroom door today ( we had to have separate rooms for his medical reasons) . It was so sad to see him distressed how can you tell a dog daddies not coming home. They seem to know when I’m upset and cuddle up to me. Willow used to ride on his mobility scooter anything rather than walk. She was a daddies girl for sure it must feel so strange for them.


Your pups are so precious Misprint. I am an avid animal lover, thus, your post immediately caught m eye. Dogs being pack animals greatly sense the loss of one of their family members. They develop such strong bonds with us, and us with them, that there would be no doubt they grieve for their human “Daddy.” They are most likely confused because they expect him to return. The good thing is they have you, an extension of Jim, and together you can comfort one another. Our pets can help fill that empty void, and even make us laugh through our tears, with their playful actions. I lost my last beloved cat a few years on, and now in my time of mourning wish I had her to cuddle and cry with. They speak to us without words, unlike some humans whose words only make us feel worse. There is a thread I recommend on this forum “Let’s hear it For Our Pets.” I visit it often to read the testaments of unconditional love, and view the adorable pictures the members post. I find it uplifting . I am so sorry for your loss, and wish you strength to face each day. Hold your little fur babies close. Take care and thank you for sharing those sweet pictures. XxxxSister2


Hello I saw your post @Misprint and had to reply I have a German shepherd and even before my dad was diagnosed with cancer he picked up on my dad not being well, he wouldn’t leave his side and after he was diagnosed he layed on my dad’s bed with him and after he died zeus kept looking for my dad and he also cuddles upto me when I’m sad so I’m a great believer that they pick up on our emotions :blush: xxxx


Jims favourite pis of them


They are so lovely @Misprint :heart: xx

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Supposed to say pic


I believe they know, my husband was in hospital for 3 weeks before he passed away & our cat acted as normal during this time however after he died she kept pacing up & down the hall howling, it was an awful sound, I just kept picking her up & putting her on my lap to comfort her.


No Bristles I haven’t read this but I will now thanks

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Hello Misprint and all.

I read your posts and it so reminds me of Richard Gere’s film “Hachi A Dog’s Tale”. I watched it before my Husband passed away and couldn’t stop the tears. The gorgeous dog that waited every day to meet his master at the train station but the master never got off the train as he’d passed away. The write up is below.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” is based on the true story of an Akita so devoted to his master that he waited for him each day at a Tokyo train station. After the man, a Japanese college professor, died in 1925, the dog continued his daily vigil for nine years until his death.25 Sept 2010.

Once watched never forgotten x


Misprint yes, our pets do understand but unfortunately we can’t tell them why that person is missing. Every time I come back home with my dog she goes to the exact spot where he would be sitting. She has become very insecure; she moves when I move in case I too disappear. Without having to walk her I feel I would not have bothered to get out of bed.


Same here I only get up because dogs need to go out . I worry what would happen to them if something happened to me no one would know I could lie here for weeks it doesn’t bare thinking about

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Oh they definitely know. My daughter lived with me after she became poorly and Holly would always lie on the bed with her when she wasn’t too good. When my daughter died Holly was so sad. I have never seen an animal look so sad it was heartbreaking to see her. It took a good few weeks of tlc for her to come better