Do I carry on the same or change

I’m a Paralympic athlete and we have qualified for Tokyo 2021. But I did all of my training with my dad and he was the main reason I’ve got through the last few years when I haven’t enjoyed being in the British squad as much as I did before. When I think of going training without him I can’t bear it I can’t think of any scenario where I’ll actually enjoy preparing and going to Tokyo now should I just quit and do something that doesn’t bring up all these painful thoughts and feelings? I can’t stand the thought of going without him.

hi dragon84
sorry for the loss of your you have any other family members,who can give you support and who can inspire you to follow the dreams of competing in the Olympics that your dad wanted for you.
if not sorry about that,but you could always do it in your dads memory.
thats my humble opinion.for what its worth,good luck in what ever you decide to do.


Thanks for replying I have my mum who can help me but I’m worried about the strain it would put on her also we don’t get on as well as me and my dad did in that high pressured environment we’ve tried it before with not very good results!
Going in his memory is a good way to think about. Still just lots to think about I guess.

your welcome,
but remember im assuming your parents were still together when losing your dad,
so your mum will not be coping to well it might give you both a bit of inspiration for you to put in your very efforts at the Olympics and maybe get a medal for your dads memory.
and just competing is an acheivement in itself .just my opinion sorry no offence intended.

Hi Dragon.
Of course you can’t give up, you must have worked so hard to get to your present standard and your Dad was there with you just as he will be still. Think if him when you train and when you compete. Hear him telling you what to do and encouraging you.
Would your Dad want you to give up after all his hard work with you. At the least give it another go and then make a decision.
I took on something that my husband and I had done together and I doubted that I could carry on without him. But I can feel him there with me. Having a moan, telling me off. Giving me support when I struggle. It has kept us together and given me comfort. I won’t say there aren’t tears from time to time but I know he’s there working with me.
Good luck to you and make him and the rest of us proud.