Do It Yoursef is now Do It Myself

God, or The Universe obviously doesn’t want me to do the garden. Three times I have put my coat and shoes on intending to deadhead the roses. Some of them are so battered by the rain they need support. Three times the heavens have opened, making me scurry back indoors.

I am bored. I tried reading but can’t get into my new book. The tv just doesn’t interest me. That was something we did together. I toured the house, looking for something, anything useful to do.

I noticed that some of the doorframes are a bit scuffed and nibbled by my inexpert wheelchair pushing. So, I went and found some paint and touched them up. Not the most expert finish (not up to Jeremy’s standard), but they look better than they did. And as long as I don’t crawl around on my knees they are no longer annoying me.

By the time my daughter comes home from the Respite Centre tomorrow afternoon the paint will be dry and I will be busy again.

Not exactly a rock and roll weekend, but I made a bit of progress and I now realise that I need her as much as she needs me. She is staying there because my husband and I were supposed to be going away this weekend. I decided to let her go in the hope that she has a nice time with people that are not moping around like I am.

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Nigel and I always laughed and said DIY meant Don’t Involve Yourself …
and then one or the other of us had a go at fixing whatever it was needing repair…:blush:
Sounds like you’ve had a productive few days, even though it was nothing like the weekend you had planned

I think I was cursed as a child. We were never allowed to do Nothing, the devil makes work for idle hands, apparently!
As soon as my eyes open in the morning, my legs swing out of bed, and I am up! There were never any lie-ins, even on holiday. Jeremy could never understand it.
As children, my sisters and I were up with the larks, my Dad thought that at 8 am ‘half the day was gone’. (No wonder I’m useless at maths).
If you were ill, you had to be ill enough to need a doctor, otherwise you were well enough to get out of bed.
Consequently, I roam the house, scanning for something useful to do. As I say, a curse.
But I loved my parents, they made our stronger, just not quite strong enough for this particular challenge.

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Hey willow no one is strong enough for this challenge but we still manage to muddle through with support. You made progress this weekend and it is good that you had the respite care , it was probably good for your daughter too, i hope so x