Do not be afraid

Easy to say, but another thing to do, I know.

But I know myself from experience that you have to learn, not to be afraid. Since I was put on a new chemo drug, Everolimus, I have experienced a number of side effects that have made my quality of life not good. I have struggled big time in dealing with a chesty cough, dry mouth, breathlessness, dry skin, sore mouth, ulcers, tiredness, rashes and more.

I never thought I would have what is known as the lesser side effects, but I have. I think you would call it, “sods law” being blunt.

Having spoken with the chemo nurses, breast care nurses and finally my Oncologist, they recommended that I make an appointment to go in and discuss how I felt. Today, the 28th August, was that appointment.

Let us say, it was not an easy meeting. To say I was afraid, was an understatement. I did not want to face the truth but I had to. For peace of mind, I had to let my Oncologist know the truth of how I felt or had been since being on the new drug. I got upset, as I stated how things had been and that to my mind, my quality of life had been affected. Dr Abbass seemed concerned at this.

Thankfully I had made a list of those conditions I had endured which proved helpful. If you do this yourself, you will find it helpful when you wish to talk to your GP, Oncologist or Macmillan or Sue Ryder Nurse. As a result, Dr Abbass, my Oncologist was able to recommend some mouthwash, cream and other medication that would help me if conditions got worse or affected my quality of day to day life. I was grateful for this and to be honest felt much better having gone through this with him.

It is not easy to admit hearing the truth in whatever form it might take. But there are times you need to not be afraid and take the plunge. You will be surprised at how easy it is and that things are not has bad as you might first have thought.

Today I took the plunge and decided not to be afraid and try and sort out my situation, and although the next few weeks will not be easy as I settle into this new drug, I will keep everything crossed that things will work out and that the tumours in my liver will have reduced. This is going to be a hard battle but I hope it will be one I win as before. I will keep you posted.

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