Doctors appointment

My husband died 18 months ago and I still do not feel any better. I am having counselling and my counsellor has told me that I have complex grief. She said this is because I was not able to visit my husband in hospital for five weeks because of covid. We had never been apart and this has had a terrible affect on me. I hate anything to do with doctors but I felt so bad last week that I eventually made a doctor’s appointment and now I am dreading it as I don’t know what they can do to help me really as I am so scared to take any medication as I do not want to become addicted to anything. My counsellor says that I just need time to heal and that I should take time off work and get away from everything.


@Misty2012 I had to visit my Dr to get through the time from my wife’s passing to the funeral and on the day itself. Then in the subsequent period when I had meltdowns. I found them very helpful and since then the whole practice has been very sensitive. If you are worried about possible addiction raise this with the Dr and they can consider this if they think you need medication. I hope you find your Dr is equally helpful. The problem with the counsellor’s advice is that you cannot get away from the grief itself. It is part of you. Meditation and mindfulness techniques have helped me and you might want to explore those. You could ask your Dt about them too. Keep the appointment. Love and support.


@Misty2012 Did you make your appointment and how did it go? Just checking in. xx

Sending lots of love and heeling xx

Went to doctors yesterday, she was lovely. It helped that she was a trained psychiatrist and a doctor. She wanted me to try medication but we made a compromise. She has given me a month off work and if I am not feeling better then I will try some tablets. She said I had borderline PTSD and complex grief. She explained it all to me. It’s strange that I felt a bit better after because I felt validated. I felt that there was an explanation why I was feeling bad and couldn’t move forward like everyone wanted me to. Love to you all.


Thank you.

@Misty2012 That’s really good news. I think GPS these days are better at dealing with bereavement. Also good that she has a relevant background. Your grief journey will still be difficult and there is no timetable but you have a nudge on the way. Love and support. xx

Sounds like a useful visit and I do hope she can help.
Good luck and love from me
Karen xxx