Doctors surgery failure

My partner was diagnosed with terminal cancer too late. The surgery he was registered with wouldn’t give him an appointment when I begged and I pleaded with them. I told them the seriousness of his symptoms so I changed doctors but by then it was too late he had a scan on the Monday got the results on the Wednesday and I was told he had 2 to 3 weeks to live he died on the Saturday. The guilt and anger I feel is very overwhelming on top of grieving. The surgery failed him and I’ve got a medical negligence solicitor to help me bring the surgery down as they have no care for their patients. How do you process something like that as well as helping to care for them

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Hello @Cazz66,

I’m part of the Online Community team and I can see that you are new to the community - I’d like to thank you for bravely starting this thread and sharing how you are feeling angry and overwhelmed. I’m so sorry to hear about your partner this is devastating for you. Most community members have sadly experienced the death of a loved one and so will understand some of what you are going through.

I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I wanted to share a few Sue Ryder resources with you that might be helpful.

I really hope you find the community helpful and a good source of support and I also hope you feel you can access more support should you need it.

Thank you again for sharing – please keep reaching out and know that you are not alone.

Take care,


Primary care is in a mess. It sounds like you did all you could :yellow_heart:. Primary care was to blame for us losing my dad, too. I have approached 1 solicitor, with no word back as yet. But I’ll keep going. I presume you don’t have the notes yet, do you? I don’t - I need the grant of probate first.