So I went back to see the doctor yesterday having been to see her originally about stress/anxiety. I’d had blood tests and a chest x-ray and she wasn’t particularly sympathetic about telling me the outcome of these. Turns out I have type2 diabetes, well that’s probably due to lethargy and eating/drinking badly over the last few months. I’m now on some medication but apparently have to see a dietician sometime. No real mention of a counsellor until I asked again. I repeated the things I had previously sad about finding it really, really hard to socialise and do new things and the stupid doctor then said to me “well, how long has this been going on?”!! I replied “since my husband died a few months ago”. It was almost as if she’d forgotten. Then she started to go on about how I might have a very slightly enlarged heart so needed yet more blood tests! Next she went on about some eye tests and I explained that the optician had already put me forward for these, but of course she tried to argue with me saying that the optician won’t know enough! So basically having gone to the doctor because I wanted some help/advice about anxiety and stress the doctor ends up making me even more anxious and stressed. I had real trouble sleeping last night because of her and don’t really know who I can talk to properly about this. Sorry to ramble on but feeling even more negative about the NHS!


I’m sorry this has been unhelpful for you and caused more stress. Is it worth changing surgeries?

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Not round here in over populated Kent!! It’s just one of those things where you don’t take everything in and then when you’ve left you remember stupid things they’ve said. We’ve lived in this area for over 8 years and this was the first time I actually went to see a doctor. She was the typical extrovert and didn’t understand that people, who are introverts, find social situations difficult at the best of times! Feeling a bit more positive about it now as I’ve worked out a food regime so shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks


I’ve had a phone call appointment for a sick note then a face to face and was told totally normally hopefully I’ll feel better soon but just incase I’ll get the mental health team to make u appointment (6 weeks wait for a phone call which is tomorrow) so I feel for you