So today I had to go back and see the slightly less annoying doctor. I had gone to visit the doctor in the first place back in July to see if I could get any help with anxiety and depression after my Keef had died in February. The really annoying doctor, whom I’m going to put in a complaint about, didn’t listen to anything I said and wrote done fictitious nonsense on my patient thingy about me coughing all of the time and having dizzy spells (I had said that very occasionally I had a tickly throat when I got hay fever). Okay I was hot, pink and very overweight when I saw her, but she decided because I was over a certain age I had lots of things wrong with me. To cut a long story short and after blood tests and x-ray she decided I was diabetic and had a heart problem. Flash forward to October and I have lost lots of weight, due to diet and exercise, had to convince them that I should have another blood test to do with the diabetes, but now ignoring mental health problems and still going on about my heart!! As if I haven’t got enough to deal with she has now increased my anxiety ten-fold. Sorry about the rant but what I thought was going to be a 10 minute visit to the doctors this morning ended up being about an hour, a lot of which was waiting around. My surgery is actually in Special Measures so my theory is that they want to appear to be doing things for people! Anyway, I have come to the decision to try and change to the excellent surgery where both my sister and mother go.


@Guineapig65 So sorry you are having a hard time with your drs. Mine are awful. Cant get an actual drs appointment only a nurse practicioner and although she is very nice we only get 10 mins and after that you are out of the door!! Bleddy nhs. Hope you get better service when you change drs. Take care. We really dont need all this hassle do we. Ann

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Not at all, thank you. xx

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