Does it get better ?

It’s now coming up to 8 months since I lost mum . Has it got any better for you regarding life ? I’m finding so many people are so lucky ie when they off work, they got a partner, a child or pet there for them. when I get time off work I’m on my own in a empty flat.


@Keith68 I live alone, we had no kids.
My mum and brother are a long way away.
I could spend hours sitting doing nothing but it was eating away at me. I looked at the things I used to enjoy and have decided to do them again…
Reading… I used to plough through books but stopped reading when Nigel became really poorly. I ask people for random recommendations and pick them up secondhand to check them out.
Photography, I’ve signed up for course later in the year so I have time to ‘prepare’ myself Walking…just local as i dont like taking the car out often but theres so many places in the village I’ve never seen…
And then I’d been thinking about something completely new and I decided to take a paddleboarding lesson last week, that Nigel and I should have done together. Completely random idea, didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, just in case, but I had a lovely time.
Can you think of one thing you’d like to do and perhaps work towards it?
Let me know :blush:

I think of mum a lot when not working. My back not making life easy for me too.

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Same here. She was my everything. There’s absolutely no one who notices if I’m late or not there. There’s no one who understands. It was easier to cope at the beginning for me, maybe the first year was a strive to survive and a surprise I was still alive. But now two years have passed and most days I don’t want to be alive. The pain is so strong. Nobody and nothing can ever replace her. I’m just glad I experienced love in its purest form because she was so amazing. Not many people are so lucky as to have such an amazing mother. But then, I’m stuck. It’ll never get better, I don’t think.

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