Does it get easier

I lost my partner 5 yrs ago and it still feels like yesterday I thought I was coping then my ex husband father to my children decided to commit suicide on Xmas eve…how do you tell a 15 yr old on Christmas Day that her dad has died then my dad suddenly passed from cancer the 3 Male role models in her life gone within 3 yrs of each other… I feel helpless and try to be strong but just sit in my car and cry sometimes

Have you heard of the book “Water Bugs and Dragon Flys”? It was written, especially for children and it explains death in a way which is so gentle. It is available from Amazon, our son read a passage from it, at my husband’s funeral, he isn’t a child, he is 52 years old. It is for anyone who wonders about death, it is beautiful.


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Oh April. That is so much pain. I know there are no words to make sense of it but I want you to know you are not alone. I also find my car is a sanctuary where I can let down my guard. You need to cry when you feel like it. Its a way to vent the stress and heartache. I know this time of year will be especially difficult but be brave, be strong… Breath. And repeat. You will move forward. Take tiny steps xxx

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