Does it get easier

I can’t cope, my hubby is in my head 24/7. Showering cooking I can’t be bothered with. It’s 5 weeks since he died at 56 years old to covid. The pain I feel never goes, I feel drained, I have no friends or family, my son’s are working then come home and sit in their rooms. I miss hubby so much, I panic cry throughout the day, my life is pointless, I can’t cope without him, he was my everything.

Hello Amy49
I lost my man on 03/02 so I am in the same situation as you I have given up and see no future without him. I think we just have to continue to get through each day as best we can. I have asked for counselling through Cruse I hope this will help me as we have four grown up children and two grandchildren who I am unable to comfort I miss him terribly and can’t get my head round to never cuddling him or just doing nothing with,

All my love


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Hello Amy sorry you’re in such a terrible place
I’m going through every thing you describe as well My husband died of covid last April so it’s 10months on for me We had been married 43 years Its not something you can ever get over it’s having to try to live with the loss The months have passed over in a blur of pain It is as you say exhausting Like yourself I cry every day The loneliness is overwhelming not being able to share your life with the one you love is so very hard
I don’t have any answers to it all just have to carry on as best we can for the sake of our husbands
Thinking of you
Take care
Christine x

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Dear Amy. I’m so sorry you’re going through this and feeling so isolated. The man I loved died on Christmas night with Covid and it’s just devastating. The physical pain of it is like nothing I’ve ever known. And it’s very hard if you don’t feel you have anyone to talk to. I phoned Cruse national helpline this week - the first time I’ve ever done anything like that - and the lady I spoke to was brilliant. Their phoneline is busy, but I got through to a counsellor after holding for about 10 minutes. I just cried and cried and felt supported. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who doesn’t know you.

There is so much to say, but one of the few things that is helping me get through is walking each day. I go out and walk and look at the sky and cry and talk to him. Thinking of you and hoping you find ways through this. Be gentle with yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help. People may surprise you x