Does it get easier?

Hi there, I lost my Dad in June and since then it’s been an up and down journey. I helped care for him along with my mum and a great team of carers. I work as a carer myself, I have tried to seek an alternative role, but nothing appealed so have re-joined the care industry (although with a better company) but I’m still struggling and don’t know if it’s the situation, the job, I think I might have SAD and already have depression, so these also don’t help.

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Bless you . You sound like you are struggling , my mental health is suffering since I lost my husband in August so I do understand something of what your going through. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better for me personally if anything I feel worse as time goes by and with Xmas in a few days it’s greater than ever.

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Hi EmmaH22 sorry to hear about the loss of your dear dad, I lost my mum in July and like yourself have been and are struggling, up and down every day, I too was a carer and gave up my job to care for my mum for the last 6 weeks after coming out of hospital, I haven’t gone back to work yet really can’t face it, I’m having counselling with cruse which is helping a little, I’m definitely changed as a person since mum passed away, the power of grief really has hit me hard, the rollercoaster ride of emotions is raw at times, don’t feel your alone, here if you need to chat, take care
Lynn xx


So sorry Emma lv annie x

It does get easier with time

Hi Emma,

Yes it does get easier over time, It’s only 6 months since your Dad passed away so it is still raw at the moment.

I lost my mum when I was 10 and I’m now 35, You tend to learn how to cope with your feelings and thoughts better as time goes on, whether you discover a hobby or spend more time with friends to try and concentrate you thoughts a bit more outside of work.

Sorry to hear your struggling and I really feel for you and I hope your job gets easier :slight_smile: hang in there x


Emma it takes time lv annie x

Sorry to hear of your loss i lost my best friend suddenley 4 weeks ago she was only 59 i too have depression and trying to accept is the hardest i cant visit the cafe we went to sunday mornings i hope your grief eases soon its a terrible feeling stay strong

I lost my wife 3 years ago and then my youngest daughter 10 months later then my son took his own life 12 months later Wot I can tell u is that it dosent get easier you just become stronger and someone how manage the grief but deep down no one knows how you are feeling inside even if they say they do

Gosh Ian you have had more then your share of grief. What a lot of tragedy in your life so sorry for your losses. Sending a hug 🫂

Thank you for your kind words hope you are ok

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Oh Ian. I’m so very sorry for all you’ve been through. Such terrible losses to bear.
Much love to you

Ian I hope u are coping love jane