Does life get better? If it does am I to feel guilty?

Just finished crying.I lost my partner on March 16th 2023 a day I’ll never forget. I literally cried until it was physically impossible for me to do so. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced the death of someone so close to me. I feel like I never really understood the permanence of it until I lost my beloved. I still speak to him and text him daily. I did stop crying for a period of time because now it’s starting to hit me again especially when I see people that are sick or they’ve lost a loved one I can now really feel their pain.At one point I didn’t want to be here anymore. This pain is actually unimaginable because it’s constantly there I don’t think it’s ever going to go. There’s so many thing I wanted to do with my person like have lots of kids and I still want that and he’s no longer here. I can’t even imagine having kids with someone else I’d just feel so guilty and even when people around me say I’ll find love again I hear them but it just feels somehow. I am
His eternal love he doesn’t have another opportunity at life anymore and it just makes me so sad.


I think the same sometimes. If I ever do feel happy in life again would I feel guilty? I honestly don’t think I’ll ever know true happiness again. He made me happy. He made me laugh every single day and I miss him dreadfully. Maybe I’ll get to a stage where I feel content in life but I don’t think I’ll ever be “happy”

If you ever feel truly happy again then you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty. He’d want you to be happy. You’re so young, you want to start a family and have children. I’m sure one day you’ll know true happiness again and he will want that for you :heartpulse:


I,:ve already took two now ex friends of my list after them sending me links to dating sites and one sent his sisters phone number. You can quess my reply.already decided that I dont want anyone else .i had 22years with my gorgeous fantastic wife sue and thats definite for me

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Dont say never. But dont make plans either at this early stage. You never know how you will feel in a few years, nor what fate has in store for us.
You can only take a decision when a decision is needed, and you know all the facts.
Its a lot easier when you are a 75 year old man, because the opportunities are few and far between. Im just happy to have a few female friends and enjoy their platonic company (and so are they!)

Just take life as it comes, dont stress yourself.