Does this pain ever go

This pain this horrible pain this cloud that sits above my head , being empty how do you cope , my future has gone we had plans but it’s all gone . How do you move forward can you do this


I think that we are all stronger than we realise. Like you, I really have to make a concerted effort each day to get up and try to carry on as normally as I can, and you can do this as well, give it time, which everyone will say, but they don’t know what we grief we are carrying. As I said earlier, you are probably stronger than you think, there will be good days and bad days, sometimes bad hours and lots of tears and probably a lot of questions, they main one is probably, why?

Hi @cazy1020 , I reckon we all start off on this journey with the emotions you describe, so you are quite normal. We just hang on there as these are emotions start to ease (as they do)
Do whatever you can to get through it. I found the best thing is to talk to my wife regularly, about my day, what mischief her dogs had got up to, and discuss the happy memories and those issues which we never sorted out
Pretty soon I started to think about how I wanted my new life to be, and a plan started to emerge. Now, bit by bit, this new life has taken shape and my life is good again.
I never, ever, forget her, and I still talk to her regularly. In fact I’m now sitting in the conservatory talking about what flowers to put in the hanging baskets. She loved Pink Galore fuschias, so I’m off to buy some, and I can think happily about her every time I look out of the window.
So please hang on, try to be as positive as you can manage, and things will move forward.

PS I’ve just looked up, and her ashes are on the window ledge waiting for my ashes to be mixed with hers. I can now (after 22 months) look at them and smile at the happy memories we share.


I am sorry for the way you are feeling right now , i lost my husband coming up to 3 months now ,i try and take one day at a time,it is not easy sometimes. Grieving takes time My way of coping is think of the good memories we had together .Take care of you now .

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