Doesn't seem real

Hi - I’m new to posting on here. I lost Mum a few weeks ago. She’d been ill with probably her eighth or ninth chest infection in 12 months - she was just 93 and very frail so it wasn’t, I guess, unexpected. And she had suffered and fought and suffered and fought. It was so hard for her and I couldn’t have asked any more from her. We’ve had her funeral and I know she has gone. But it just doesn’t seem real. I’ve cried a fair bit, and, also have had probably two years of pretty intense anticipatory grief since she was diagnosed with advanced heart failure and her health took a real nosedive. But it sort of feels like there’s a black hole in my heart and it’s hurting me. It’s so heavy and aches so much. I have a lovely partner and two adult sons. They’ve all been great but it feels like they’ve moved on with it now, whereas for me, I just feel so sad. I’m getting on with my work and have found much solace in looking after Mum’s garden, which meant so much to her. But there is a part of me that actually feels like it’s dying too.

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Hiya @Mutha
Everything your going through and feeling is very normal
It’s a case of taking a day at a time and being kind to yourself
My family have also moved on, I thi k that’s the reason I post on here regularly, it’s a place where everyone understands, so keep posting and I hope it helps
Sending hugs :people_hugging: