Doing it for Rob

Every year Rob and I would go to whitby to the Motown week end and he loved everything about the week end .it’s held in whitby and he would call it “ our special place” . It’s been two years on 1st September since he was taken and as we all know 2020 was a dreadful year for lockdown etc . This year ( two weeks time ) I’m going to the Motown week end in his honour and returning to our special place and I hope he’s with me .


He will be Kazzer. We have to be strong and carry on for them. They will be watching over us through the struggles and the odd smile. We have to learn how to live a life knowing they are still with us and try and be happy. There are going to be sad moments but we have to carry on x


I think Rob would be very proud that you are keeping his memory alive and also keeping strong while you are dealing with his loss. x

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