Doing my partner's invoices

My solicitor suggested I should be getting on with doing the invoices for the last few jobs my partner this. As I started, a surge of pain and melancholy hit me, thinking how my poor love will never see or benefit from this money.

I spent some of the afternoon with a kind friend but my neighbours are now showing signs that they would rather not be bothered by me (little signs here and there).

I know I do not want to live in this house for longer than I have to (cannot shake the images of him dying on the landing) but probate might take as long as 6 months and the solicitor will charge me dearly for it!

It is all up in the air and hard to cope with at times.

Hi, I can feel your frustration and heartbreak. There’s is so much addmin to do when really all we want is hide away and cry but unfortunately the world doesn’t agree and infect seem to think making more difficult the better.
Yes, those who have not been were we on this site are or have been do not understand that grief doesn’t leave us after a set time limit but stays at our side for what ever time it wants. I think most of us put a brave face on and pretend that our life has resumed to normal outwardly. What goes on inside is totally different.
Regarding moving, be careful and make sure you understand what you are doing and please try not to rush doing anything to soon. Your life is now different and you need time to adjust. Take care and remember you are very vulnerable at present. S xx