Doing things without them

I’m.struggling with going through all the ‘first times’ without my mother.
Still in shock I went through her birthday, the day after she died. Then sibling birthday/Christmas. I have health issues and she was a great support to me. But do it all alone, not being able to debrief with her. I could have talked to my mum put it in perspective, been supported in pushing for help. To get heard. I feel like no-one can hear me, because I can’t talk to her.

:heart:‍:adhesive_bandage: Both me & my mum have/had chronic illnesses, & we both understood each other more than anyone else. I know where you’re coming from with this. I have other chronic illness Twitter chums, but no one I can really talk to or offload onto any more since mum passed 4 months ago.
Weekends are the worst as they were ‘mum time’.
Today I feel completely wretched and adrift without her.
It’s not a good day today for me. I’m taking it hour by hour. But just wanted to reach out and say you’re not the only one, although it very much feels like it. X

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