Don’t know what to do 😢

In February my 18 year old cousin died in a tragic accident at work. Myself and my sister were so close to him. It has broken our whole family and none of us are coping at all. His close family is his mum, dad and 16 year old brother. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to go on day to day without breaking down in tears for hours but I’m also up sick with worry for his mum, dad and brother. My auntie (his mum) is drinking her days away and won’t accept any help from anyone and it’s really beginning to worry everyone. She’s not coping at all and we are scared she is going to do something to herself. I’m in a mind frame where I don’t see myself ever being happy again and in a way I don’t even want to be happy again. I’m not really sure of the point of this post. Just wish it was all a dream. Does anyone know how I can better support my auntie?

Hi. Pink and Welcome. This is an awful time for you all. But you don’t need me to tell you that. Any death in a family can affect everyone in so many different ways. We all mourn in our own way.
The point of your post, as with everyone on here, is to unload knowing that everyone understands, and while advice may seem pointless at the moment, it can help later. Please don’t say you will never be happy again. It all takes time and a lot of patience. Your support for the rest of your family is essential. You have taken the courage to come on here which means you are reaching out. That can only be good. If your Auntie is drinking to to avoid the pain there is not a lot you can do other than give her as much support and love as you can. Try not to be judgemental.
While drinking is obviously not a good idea, who knows what is in her mind. Allowing your emotions to come is OK. It’s natures way of relieving stress. There is nothing as good as giving love and understanding to all those around you.
Please take care and come back and talk to us when you feel the need. Blessings. John.