Don’t know what to do

Hi, My husband died 5 weeks ago, my dad 6 months before that, I feel crushed, I thought going back to work would help to distract me but it didn’t, I cry all the time, I hate being alone at home but if I go & see people I feel so out of place I just want to go home, I don’t feel relaxed anywhere, I’m not happy anywhere, I feel so dreadful but don’t know what to do to feel better, my husband was my best friend but he’s not here to turn to anymore, can anyone give me some words of hope?

I lost the love of my life 10 weeks ago and feel exactly like you do…I am not happy wherever I am, in fact I am struggling to function in any way really! I am nowhere near being able to go back to work and obviously I don’t know your circumstances as to why you went back but it’s much too early for you to cope with that! You need to grieve properly although I know it is horrendous…I have been told to just breathe and take hour by hour, day by day, tiny steps. I started bereavement counselling today and found it to be helpful and I have also visited my GP for support as the pain is too much to bear without seeking help. Please consider this and try to be kind to yourself. The pain of not having the person you would normally turn to when you are upset is indescribable, I do understand, please know you are not alone as I and many others on here too share in your suffering…
Take care,
Lynn x

My partner died five weeks ago to. I went back to work four weeks after but I’m lucky as my boss has been so sympathetic and where I work is a very quiet calm place. I feel better when in work, i just find it so hard coming home with all the memories and the empty house. I like you though sometimes feel when I’m out I want to be in and vice versa. I cry lots at home normally. I do find listen g to relaxing music dies help and I have taken up reading again which takes me away from the constant thoughts of missing my partner. We spent the best part of our lives together I really hope time heals. But do look after yourself and remember your not alone I can really relate to you.

Dear Flower garden very sorry for your losses. These are very hard times indeed.

I lost my darling husband 7 months ago and two months ago one of my lovely sisters. I am absolutly lost, confused and very sad.
The pain is immense and know how you feel. No motivation, and not happy anywhere.
It’s is very soon. we all need and have our own time to grief and will go through different stages Please see your GP and although counselling is not for everyone, you could try.
These forums are very good so keep writing, feel free to tell your feeling everyone will understand as we are all going through same.

Take care big hug xx

I’m so sorry you are struggling … my husband of 43 years died 29th April … we had lost both our adult sons prior to this. I feel just the same … wherever I am I feel out of place … just want to go home … but home is so lonely now. It’s really really hard … I can’t see a life for myself at the moment. I hope this gets better for us all. My husband was my soulmate and rock through losing our sons and I was his. He was diagnosed and died in the local hospice all within eight weeks … it’s so shocking! Hugs to all here, Sue x