No one will understand, unless they’ve been were we are.


I lost my hubby, my soul mate, best friend 8 months ago. He was my life, I loved for him . He was truly amaziby , striog personality but quiet, so inteigent and knowledge, my rock. I’m lost xx

He was only 52yrs, fit and healthy and he’s gone ???

Hi dongle,

I’m sorry for your loss. How did he die? My dad died suddenly aged 53. He had a massive heart attack.
It sounds silly but I hadnt even considered my parents dying so young.

Cheryl x

Hi Dongle,
I am so sorry that you lost your husband at such a young age, I have realised that Stan & I were very lucky to be married all those years. 3 weeks short of 59 years. I miss him so much, I know that he was 84 years old (I am 80) but the love remains the same. I hope that you will find some peace and comfort on this forum, they are lovely people and willing to listen despite their suffering.

Hello maryL
I’ve been watching this site since my husband passed, I’m not a big talkler. We are a private family. I just can’t sort out in my head, how he has gone??? He was only 52yrs, fit, healthy, amazing man!! I’m don’t want this life, I could be stuck here without him for next 20 + years. We had plans, a life ahead of us. I’ve been with him since I was 15yrs old, I don’t know anything other than being with him, he was my soul mate. X

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Hi, I lost my husband and soulmate 16 months ago, we would have been married 30 years this year, we met in primary school, I feel like I’ve lost my rock. I now fill that space he left to keep my family together. My sons have both become fathers to 2 beautiful daughters, who he never got to see. My world revolves around them but I get days and nights where I’m in despair and have no where to turn, it’s hard.x

very sorry for your loss Dongle.
this site is full of so many ,whove been and going through this traumatic heart breaking time.for some it helps to vent their feelings, and lets every one know ,how they are feeling ,others get a little comfort, knowing that they are not alone in the world, they are one of many ,whove lost their one and only the person, who made every day special.nothing can prepare us for the hurt we feel.i hope you are getting some support, if not many on this wonderful site ,will lend and hear and try give comfort and help.
regards ian

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