Don't know how to do this

Hi I lost my partner the love of my life 2 months ago he was diagnosed with cancer on the 11th of June passed away 2nd of July he was my world for 17 years , we have 2 young children and still I don’t know how to go on without him
Everyone says your strong be strong for the kids I know I should be but I’m so broken how do I live knowing he is everywhere but no where , I see him everywhere

Hello Sharonpete, how sad and how quick. Yes, you will be strong for your children but inside you may feel totally different. Everyone one on here knows how it feels and how our hearts are broken. You will get through this horrible time and it will make you stronger. We are all thinking of you and sending love and strength. Take care of yourself and give those little ones an extra hug from me. S xxx

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Hello Sharon, I lost my lovely lady in June 2020 we’ve been together for 47 years, the pain is unbearable, but 15 months on my thoughts are of all the joy we shared and the lovely memories, I surround myself with her pictures, listen to our music and talk to her every day, this is my way of surviving until I meet my angel again, I won’t say be strong, they don’t want us to be sad, they are watching over us, you will be okay love, best wishes Kev.