Dont know what the hell to do

I am at my wits end. my son has been living here since my hubby died easter 2022, the council have found out and i have had my housing benefit stopped, my council tax thing stopped and we have been told we have to pay £584 a month full rent plus the council tax. they also say i owe over 6500 in overpaid benefit and 1000 in council tax, both of which they want and the tax i only have till march to pay it, i will be allowed a little housing benefit but i wont get it as its being taken off the 6500. ok my son has a good job but he has his own debts including child support and i only get 187 a week pension credit and 80 goes on gas and electric, i have applied for other stuff but have been refused.
i have my own health problems and am not well and this is only making them worse. i dont know what the hell to do and its scaring the hell out of me. my hubby dealt with everything for 47 yrs and now i am in the shit up to my neck.
my son has agreed to pay the rent if he can but it means he is working 50 hrs a week for nothing and he is going to have to lose his motorbike which he pays for every month to go towards the rent. and he is blaming me as he is already paying for other stuff in the house.

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