Don't really, and trying to understand .

Hi, Lost my wife 4 months ago and like us all on here I am really suffering with the horrible journey of grieving the lose of my wife, and some days find it almost unbearable to live with, so I turned to a Medium to try and help me understand and live with this, before I visited this Medium I read on the internet about peoples soul and sprits when they pass over, which gave me a little understanding of this, but since visiting this Medium which what I was told from her gave me a lot of comfort about me wife, but this as left me very confused about understanding a person sprite, so I was hoping someone on her may be able to help me.
What is the actual sprite of a person, how can they communicate with them/us, is the sprite visible to them when they communicate and pass on the messages to us, I do believe about peoples sprite but don’t really understand how and when, hope you understand what I am trying to say, as this will help me so much understanding the messages i got from my wife since visiting a Medium,Take care Mickerex

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Dear @mickere

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your wife and that you are suffering. Grief is a horrible painful journey with no time limit.

Unfortunately I am unable to answer your question but did not want to leave this post unanswered. I fully understand where you are coming from with your questions and I would suggest that you go back to the Medium you contacted and ask them the same questions.

I am sorry I cannot be of much help to you. There might be community members here which will be able to answer your questions. I do hope you get answers to your questions.

Please take care of yourself and continue to reach out here.


I understand your desperation but seriously would advise against belief in a medium.

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