I have recently lost my Husband from an heart attack 14 months ago when I found him passed away in the Bath . I am always crying can’t stop Iam 67 and don’t c my children much has they de all married and busy working except for my Daughter whom has shown me no support

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Shamrock DJ1,
Sorry for your loss. Sad to hear about your daughter’s lack of support. Hope being on here helps. I’m James, nice to me you

Evening James nice to meet u too and thank u

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I’m surprised you still awake. You have sleeping issues like me too?

Yes I do it hard to sleep unwanted dreams when I do

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Likewise. I would rather be on here then force myself to sleep. Never works. And unwanted terrible dreams make it worse.
Do you talk to anybody regarding bereavement or your feelings?

Just friend and my son James u feel like yr going on all the time . I also went and cared for my late Husbond friend twice with hip ops now don’t want to answer my call when I was just seeing if he was okay it helped take my mind of things but I feel used now

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Sorry to hear about your late husband’s friend. Yes it’s sad when you feel used especially when you are there for someone.
Like I said, I’m here if you want to talk and you will never feel used x

I’m James by the way. And what do I call you?

My name is Dorothy but friends call me Dee for short

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Hello Dee, hope you don’t mind me calling you Dee. Now we know each other a little better :slight_smile:

That’s fine Dee it is ! So if u don’t mind me asking how long have u been widowed james

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I’ve been widowed 14 months now ! What about ujames

It’s 20 years this year and still painful.
I’m building up a support group for people who want to talk.
You have my number and can reach out anytime

James x

Just realised you don’t have my number - if you would like it, please send me a private message.

Feel free to text or call. Can call back

James x

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Thank u u too