Dreading summer days alone

I am dreading summer, days are bad enough at the moment and now with all these bank holidays. They make the day seem so long When I do go out I see people with their mum and dad and it breaks my heart. I lost my mum in January this year and my dad in December last year . Every time I see a mobility scooter I break down my mum was always on hers even seeing my dad’s car he used to drive just knocks me out . I was their carer and every day I still go to phone them to see if they need anything I hate getting food for myself it is just another painful thing to deal with sorry for the long post I hate bank holidays.


Hi Kate, I so agree about bank holidays, you see families out enjoying themselves, and it just makes you feel more alone, I don’t know what the answer is, just have to get through them the best way we can, sending hugs Jude x

Loads of people on here hate the bank holidays, @kate88 - it is so hard for us, isn’t it. You lost two of the most important people in your world so close together. A total shock and a huge change for you. Hold tight, keep going, we are all here for you.

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Hi @kate88 , totally with you bank holidays are difficult.
I had been asked to go to a May Day celebration today, just couldn’t face it all those happy people when you feel so alone and sad.
My husband had a mobility scooter, I gave it to a local charity, I dread that I might see someone on it, so I know what you mean about your mum.
Sending hugs, Debbie X