Has anyone dreamed about there partner . I had a dream about a month after my husband died . I was in a shop and he walked in I dragged him outside and kissed and hugged him then we were in a car and I was telling him doctor had told me he had died he was laughing at me and saying well I’m not I’m here. I was crying and saying it had better not be a dream . Then I woke up. It seemed so real. X


I haven’t dreamt about him yet but would love for that to happen :hibiscus:

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I’ve had very similar dreams to you.
I have dreamed about my Sunny several times. In each dream we are together, often in his car. In the latest one we were sitting in his car which was parked outside the house. He was telling me about his time in ITU and saying how poorly he was. I was saying “but babe, I thought you’d died” and he smiled and said “no of course not, look at me, I’m here with you”. Then I woke up and was extremely happy for a tiny little second, until reality came back again.
When he was alive we used to love driving off on little trips together. And when back home we’d often stay in the car for ages, just chatting and holding hands.
It’s 8 months since he died, and I think of him all the time. I miss him so SO much.
Love to you, Sophie x