Dreaming of your loved one.

I dream every night of my husband who passed nearly seven years ago and when I wake up reality hits me again. The dreams are always so loving but it hurts even more when I wake. I miss him so much. Does anyone have dreams and how do you cope please?


Hello Pisces my husband passed 9 months age and recently I started having dreams about him he was still here, but when I wake up and realise he’s not here I just fall apart as I’m not coping at all I seem to be going backwards miss him terribly :broken_heart:

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My heart goes out to you. I still am unable to cope all I can send you is love, a hug and to know I’m here for you.:kissing_heart:

Thank you for your kindwords Pisces a kind word goes a long way and it’s so nice to know I’m not on my own and there are kind people like yourself take thank

Its only six weeks since my wife passed and i dont remember actually dreaming about her, but am sure i do as i sometimes have a very warm feeling i cant explain when i wake up.
I think your husband is letting you know he is alright and even now is looking after you and i think that is wonderful a truly never-ending love.

Thank you so much. I am so sorry for your loss. Your message has really cheered me up. I just hope I will see my husband again. Thank you and take care.

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Hello Plantman so sorry for your loss and thank you for you kind words it’s nearly 10 months since I lost my husband and I only started dreaming about him recently couple of times in one dream he was calling me but couldn’t hear what he was saying had nothing since miss him so much talk to him every day and I know he loved me wanted to redo our vows but that didn’t happen you take care

For me this is the cruelest part of losing my wife. It’s been 11 weeks since she passed and I dream about her every night. In my dreams we are together doing standard day to day things and everything is normal. Then I wake up, the bedroom is dark and she’s not there and I have to relive the fact she’s gone all over again. I hope it gets better over time because it’s exhausting.

Hi so sorry for the loss of your wife I know how it feels waking up in the morning and finding there not there it’s unbearable but for you time is still raw for me its 10 months nearly, coming on here has helped me and you can write exactly how you feel and get support as everyone is going through the same as you please take care thinking about you

Thank you and you’re right, this site has helped a lot. The reason we are all here is devastating but it’s comforting to know we are not alone.

It’s definitely helping people, I went to a Bereavement group it was horrible felt very uncomfortable but on here you can be yourself and pour your heart out when other people don’t want to listen anymore you take care

People ask how u keeping they do not understand the pain inside you

Hello Gibbo so very true at the moment I’m having a very bad time reached out to my daughter and we’ve ended up arguing she’s so cold you take care

Hi jennison1946 take care look after yourself

Hello Gibbo thank you and you take care too

Jennison1946 you take care too

Jennispn1946 hope u and daughter make up be friends take care

Hi Gibbo thank you for your kind reply I went to see her yesterday and hopefully it’s sorted she has a very intense job dealing with children who want to harm themselves and even more and she said it’s so hard having to deal with that and trying her hardest to support me I feel comfortable with our talk just trying my best to move on life is too short you take great care

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Jenniso2946 thats good take care

Gibbo thank you so much you take care