Dreams of forever

Heaven, full of flowers, sunshine, clear streams, trees, soft grasses. Me hand in hand walking with my late husband, our two dogs bouncing around us. Forever safe in the sight of God, no more tears and never parted again.
That is my dream and nobody can take it away.

What is your forever dream?


That sounds lovely, would say pretty much the same but with our cats. My Pixie misses him a lot, she and him were very close. Hugs to you x

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I have no dreams of comfort i just pray to our dear lord my partner is safe in his hands…i miss him so much i cant find comfort except in praying the lord has him safe his soul was a good one


Rachel , and over the rainbow bridge :rainbow: - perfect.

G. X


Oh it’s not a dream I had, it is one I make up! Nobody can stop us from making up our own fantasy! Nobody can ever take away my imagination, my memories. That is the treasure we have inside our hearts and minds, we can picture what we like.

When I close my eyes on this world and breathe no more, when my soul looks out onto eternity, I love the thought that he will be the one to welcome me. Our souls will be together and never part again. In heaven I hope. For I believe God is goodness and love.

These dreams keep me warm and keep me going.


Rainbow Bridge absolutely must exist. All the love in our pets cannot possibly just disappear, Rainbow Bridge is beautiful and waiting for us and our furbabies.


It’s been several years since my husband died but the grief is still fresh. In fact I think it has undergone so many different forms and now, it is stronger than ever. I just don’t think life means anything without him. I’m not suicidal, I wouldn’t do anything silly. Just that I feel like a robot going through the motions of living but hollow inside. I am just waiting to join him and it will be a relief to say goodbye to this world with all it’s pain.

I just want him and nobody else matters to me. I refuse to let him go.


How your words resonate here…the only person in all this world who knew me and loved me for 22years is gone somewhere i cant reach him and i need him so badly i want to feel his ams around me i want to tell him how much i appreciate his love and protection…he was my rock i depended on him i trusted him and he was always here with me always just us and that was enough for me now im adrift in a cold heartless world where life is changing for the worse day by day nothing is safe nothing is sacred nobody cares anymore and my allying force exists now only in my memory in my broken heart which i cant patch up not yet maybe not ever it feels that way anyway


You are writing exactly how I feel. I find I cannot express these feelings to most people because they start getting all upset, telling me to go to the doctor or get counselling or begin pills. Those are options but not for me. The only remedy I want is my husband. All I need is someone who calmly listens and understands that I am deeply unhappy and find no comfort in this world. That’s what grief is and it for me is permanent.


I don’t want to be here, I want to be with my husband. This world makes no sense without him. The years have made no difference to my agony.

I am not going to DO anything, I am far too much a coward. I just feel nothing any more. I look forward to whenever it is that I disappear and reappear where I can finally be happy. In heaven with the only soul I love.

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