I don’t often remember my dreams but coming up to the first anniversary of my husbands death I do seem to be having dreams in which he is still alive. He died of a very aggressive kidney cancer and one of the many distressing symptoms was a huge stomach. In my dream he was still alive and seemed to be in remission. I was saying to him that his stomach was getting big again so we needed to get it checked out. Ah, if only . Family and friends who were close to him also seem to be having dreams in which he features alive, some of them vivid.

I have started to have dreams of my husband but when he was younger with no health issues. A couple of times I have woken up because I thought he has called me which he used to do when he could no longer get up stairs

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I too have heard my husband calling when he had his hospital bed downstairs. I hope I have dreams of him when he was younger.

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Do you dream then awake between the hours 03:00 - 04:00 ?


Sometimes but that can be after a vivid and upsetting dream although usually they don’t make a lot of sense ! X

I dream of my mum that I lost nearly 6 years ago of being in another planet looking at me through a puddle in water. I truly believe that’s where our loved ones go.

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I did have a dream in which my husband was as he was when younger. That made me feel happy.

My husband Bill in one form or another is in my dreams nightly, sometimes just present but others it’s reliving the illness and death , I’ve also started having horrible dreams about me dying and also my grandson. It’s not enough that we have the grieving burden constantly during the day but it invaded when we should be recharging our batteries. Anne xx