Hi all.
Gregg has been gone 4yrs in May but only feels like 4 days somedays
So i have recently been having flashbacks of the funeral and lots of nightmares about Gregg. Last nights was horrendous, short story is, it involved him telling me he didnt love me and with that went off with something else younger and prettier than me . With a quick look back , arm around the girl then laughing.
I have been all day and am still crying about it ! ?
Help please x


I think this is normal. All my demons come out in my dreams. I’ve had some real nightmares about my partner, acting completely out of character and thankful that I know he wasn’t like that in reality. Why it happens I don’t know.
Maybe you’ve had a trigger that you’re unaware of which has started the dreams. Hopefully they’ll be shortlived.

I’ve barely dreamt of my OH in the three weeks he’s been gone but I can’t imagine how horrendous it would be to dream of something like that :broken_heart:
As if you haven’t been through enough without your dreams tormenting you too.
I hope you don’t have anymore x
How are you doing four years on? x

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Thanks. I gave nevercslept welkbsince gregg has gone so to have nightmares as well isnt really helping. Im not great 4 yrs on but thats not to say that others arent. I haven’t found my coping strategy yet x
Sending love to you and everybody who experiences grief x


Sorry predicted txt