I long to go to sleep at night, to meet you in my dreams.
Where we can carry on with life
And everything that means

Where we can talk and play and sing
They way we always do
And hug and laugh and kiss and cry
A special love so true

So many memories though the day, unbearable to feel
But come the night your here again and everything’s so real

Where once again we sort the world
And make our plans anew
Two minds in total harmony, together me and you

I long to go to sleep at night, to meet you in my dreams
That’s when the pain within my heart is fixed, or so it seems

But then I wake and realise the reason for my pain
I know a dream’s the only way that I’ll see you again

…please try and sleep well everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi ,beautiful words ,so true to how I feel ,thank you for sharing. Xtake carex


That’s so beautiful. Thank you so, so much for sharing it.
I think I would like to print it out , so I can read it late at night when I can’t sleep.
Would that be okay with you :hugs::hugs:


Please do…it’s how I feel…so if it helps anyone …it helps me too x


Thank you so much … I’ve just read it again with tears running down my face, but with a smile in my heart​:blush::heart:
It honestly is so beautiful… I’ve read a few of your poems that you’ve put on this site. You are so talented.

Thank you … Hope we all can dream some sweet dreams of our soulmates, and escape the nightmare for a couple of hours :heart::sleeping:


Thank you…we all need to help each other to get through this nightmare…:heavy_heart_exclamation:


I used to have really vivid dreams of my husband in the early days … i even had conversations with him in my dreams … its strange how the brain works … must just be subconscious because thats what i missed the most at the beginning his voice :frowning: