Good morning all,

I had a dream last night, it felt so real. My Andrew came to me and gave me a big hug and said sorry he hadn’t been around lately. He looked so well, just like he did before he became poorly.

I was doing some research and apparently it’s easier for our loved ones souls to visit and connect to us while we are sleeping as we are more closer to their energy. Also during research I discovered that we should ask our loved ones to visit with us while we sleep and ask them to help us remember.

I asked last night before I went to sleep and said please come and visit me I am missing you so much lovey. I’m not crazy I am sure, he came to me…I woke up feeling really warm and loved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Maybe give it a try has anyone else experienced this?



Hi @Katyh

I ask my husband every night to come and see me. Occasionally he does. The last one I remember was over a week ago.
I was crying my eyes out (as usual) and he came and put his arm round me and said everything would be ok.
I like to think it was a sign, but I don’t know if thats becsuse its what I want so badly

Hugs to you x

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Good morning @Liro

That’s really lovely, it was definitely a sign :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hug to you to :heart:x

I really want to believe it
I’ve had a few signs but I never know whether its just wishful thinking :thinking:

X x

He will be giving you signs as he wants to still show you that he loves you and is looking out for you. Maybe to be sure you could ask for specific signs. I’ve just replied to someone if the thread phychic phenomenon. Maybe have a look and see if it helps you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

2 of the signs were what I’d asked and 1 only meant anything to me and my daughter who had heard him say it while he was still in the hospice.
The other was something I’d asked him fo. Maybe I’m just too sceptical .
Reading what I’ve written makes it sound as if it was real



Embrace it, it’s definitely him. Try not to be sceptical you might put him off :rofl:

Maybe keep a diary of the signs. I’ve not had signs but I haven’t asked for any apart from coming into my dreams which is lovely. The cuddle was so very real, I loved it x

The 3 signs I’ve had were very clear and still fresh in my mind
But I will write them down in case they fade from my memory overtime.

I write to Roger everynight but I think I will also get a separate journal for jotting this sort of thing in.

Thankyou for your suggestions

X x


I too have a journal that I used to write in everyday, now once or twice a week .
(21 months for me But it honestly could be 21 days )
I’ve kept notes of my dreams…mostly with in the journal, but I’ve decided to log them all in a new different book.
I haven’t had many dreams 7 or 8 . I too ask him every night to come see me in my dreams.
I always have my phone right by me (old habits from when my husband was poorly and I had to wake every 2 hours to check his machines) when I’ve had a dream , how ever small or weird I send myself a text message in my phone so I won’t forget.
I hadn’t thought about including other signs, but it’s a beautiful idea, and I’m going to do it, I have them all logged within the journal so I’ll have exact dates.
I had about 3 or 4 VERY significant signs/coincidences in the first 3 months . There all special, and I prefer to believe that they are real, because it’s nicer that way round :blush:

Love and hugs and strength to you all


Dear @Katyh
A cuddle really is special.
The best part of the dreams I have of my husband are when he speaks, even a few words. Because I can hear his voice again…:disappointed_relieved:

Lots of love to you both @Katyh and @Liro for sweet dreams tonight and beautiful signs over the weekend
:sleeping: :innocent:


Aww thanks @Cathphil I really hope so. Hope you have them to :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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