I lost my partner 2.5 weeks ago. I live in a rural area so I need to drive to get shopping etc. This morning I reversed into a stationery car. The same thing happened to me 18 yeras ago after the death of my husband but I’ve had no other accidents until now. I’m feeling quite nervous about driving in general and more especially now. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Hi there. I’m sorry to hear your losses. And I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with your car. Hopefully no damage done? I guess the most obvious explanation is that, naturally, you are grieving and your mind is all over the place. We can’t concentrate fully. And that’s always a big hazard if you’re in a car driving. I haven’t had a similar experience… but please keep safe, and hopefully, after a little more time, when your mind is a little less ‘raw’ over the whole situation, you’ll have much better concentration on everything. Above all, stay safe. xx

Don’t worry it’s not just you. It wasn’t when I was grieving but I was going through a stressful time when I reversed into my neighbours car on two seperate occasions, it may have even been 3! The worst part was it was the only car in the street! When I bought a new car I made sure I had parking sensors x

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A little damage to both cars yes. I feel quite vulnerable at present because both my body and mind are so affected. I suppose it stands to reason. It’s such an everyday thing for me to go out in the car and yet it currently seems a big thing. Thank you.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I haven’t driven since I lost my son 10 weeks ago so yes that fully understandable .

Grief affects us in so many ways yet we are meant to just get on with it and get back to ‘normal’.

Give yourself time .


I am so sorry that you lost your son. I cannot imagine your pain. Thanks so much for replying to me.:heart:


Fully understand where you are coming from. I didn’t drive for 8 weeks after losing my son, I knew I wasn’t safe. The first time I drove it was awful, heart pounding, sweating, never had a problem before with driving, I changed my car recently and got my confidence back. Just take your time. I still have days when I can’t drive. Take care xx

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Thank you. Losing a son is something that must be very hard to bear. Wishing you comfort and strength. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you. I can’t even explain the pain, but had the worst day of my life in March, when I found him, what I thought was asleep in bed at his own property. Never imagined the turn of a key would turn my life for ever or having to do cpr when I knew it was too late….drugs overdose…why I ask myself a hundred times a day. I am making slow progress, and this site is my lifeline. Take care xx

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