Drowning not waving

I’ve lost my husband 5 weeks ago he was 52 I’m finding it very hard to find my place in the world anymore the feeling inside of me is horrible I’m doing things but always feel detached and the loneliness is overwhelming just wondering how do you cope with these feelings I can’t seem to be able to concentrate on the most basic things

Hello Whitehaire,

There are people at all stages of the grieving process here on the forum, and with all sorts of ways of handling it.

I don’t want to say “Welcome” because the entry qualification is so bloody awful, and we’d rather not be in the position we’re in, but you will meet here with people who sympathise and who know, from experience, just how you must be feeling. There is general agreement here that only those who have gone through it can possibly really know how you must be feeling right now.
There is an initial feeling amongst many who join that the forum probably won’t help. I thought that too when I joined 7 weeks ago, after the death of my beloved wife some three weeks before that. I was advised to stick with it. I can take advice, I did, and I’m glad that I did.

Hi, you are certainly not alone in how you are feeling. I lost my husband 7 weeks ago and I have been through the same feelings as you and still am doing.
I have also found it difficult to concentrate but have found if i set myself small tasks that I can focus on them and then have a sense of achievement when they are done it helps. This weekend I mended the lounge curtains (a job I had been meaning to do for 2 years!).
I know if is really difficult to contemplate any sort of future going forwards - I feel all the plans Ian and I had are now blown away and I hate it - best advice I have had is to take one day at a time and talk to good friends who will listen - it helps me. None of it is easy though and I’m sorry to hear you are also in a similar situation

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