Duty and Responsibility...

Once again i am talking to my Richard telling him how alone i am and the problems i am facing, re: my alcoholic daughter and other things…I am asking him to please stay with me, i know i need to let him rest and to be at peace and not have to worry over me, and i know he is still with me because he always felt it was his duty to always look after me in every possible way, he was loyal throughout our 20 years, was and he will still be loyal to me now but, i do so want to take this responsibility away from him but only when i get my life sorted, back on track, but only when i know, he knows he is not needed, he will always be wanted and needed in my opinion but at some point i owe him peace and rest…he deserves this,


Dear Jackie - I don’t know how to respond
I also feel Jack is with me - but I think that from here as I talk to him I support him in this transition and from where he is , I receive his support
Our love keep us connect - I am sure that you and Richard are also connected
Sadie xxx

Sadie, this is a lovely post to Jackie and so true.
Jackie, I so wish I could be of help to you but as Sadie has said I do not know what to say. You must be extremely worried about your daughter.
Take care,

My daughter is 50 now and has not changed over the past 35 years if anything she has now gotten worse …and as a mother i am helpless as at the end of the day she knows my feelings of how i have lost my Richard and i am not wanting to lose her too, but it is down to her to change, and change although means to change, change she will not as it is never long before whatever it is that gets her back on the drink and destruction of the insides of her body again to start hitting the bottle again…But its the other things i am shocked on hearing…( no she is not selling her body, thank heavens…) but just the embarrassing things i am hearing and the people security-police, more her reputation i think is becoming more known…

Dear Jackie,
I am not surprised that you are depressed, missing your Richard so much and worrying about your daughter. The demon drink has a lot to answer for.
Take care,