Hi. I lost my husband 2nd Dec. Cried buckets first of all but now a lot less. My husband’s funeral was 21st December.
I hope I am not being insensitive here but I don’t know whether having my husband’s ashes home here with me would be comforting or more upsetting. I am nearly 80 and it wld be nice if our ashes cld be scattered together. What are other peoples views.


I think quite a few people have previously posted to say they are keeping their partners ashes and they want to be scattered together.
I plan to scatter my wife’s ashes later this year and when my time comes I would like to be scattered at the same spot

Hi Ellie13
My lovely husband died 10th February last year. It will soon be a whole year since I spoke to him, hugged him , laughed with him.
It took me 6 months to pick his ashes up and bring him home. I have agonised about where he would want to be and have come to the conclusion that he will stay with me, in our home that he loved. I think he would want that. It also means that we can be scattered together when I die. I have written a letter to my children which is with my Will so that there will be no misunderstanding about what I want.
Some people might think it creepy when I tell them he is still at home but I find it comforting to know he is with me where he belongs. I think you should do whatever you feel is right for you Ellie and don’t worry about what people might think.
Sending hugs

I will be picking my husbands ashes up and bringing him home.

Dear Kazza
You won’t regret it.

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