Emotional event

I have my graduation ceremony in October and it is going to be a tough day everybody will have family attending I will have no one there. The two people who should have been there are my mum and dad who have both passed away my dad in December 2021 and my mum in January 2022. I have been feeling very emotional just thinking about it the autumn is going to be very hard.


@kate88 I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how hard that will be for you and you have every right to feel emotional especially as you have lost both parents so close together. What I do know as a parent myself is that your parents will be very proud of you on your graduation. Do you not have any other relatives/friends who could attend and give you support? x

hi kate88 i am very sorry for your loss . We will all i am sure be with you in october in our thoughts and our support is here online . I know its not the answer you want but you will be with people you know who have done the course with you and we’re all here for you .Are there any neighbours who could go with you?
Keep posting especially around october time
your in thoughts and prayers

Hi Kate, so sorry to hear you have lost both your parents and, in terms of grief, it’s early days. You must have worked very hard to get your degree and it’s absolutely devastating for you that they can’t be there for you on such an important day. The ceremony won’t be the same without them I’m sure, but it still is your day. You did the work and you put in the effort to get your qualification, despite your losses. That takes determination and hard work. It’s take:n hard slog by you. Although the two people you want to be there to celebrate with you can’t be there I’m sure they would be so proud of you. The ceremony is one day, your work and study has been a long term endeavour. You succeeded and because you are grieving you might not be acknowledging your own strength and sadness. It’s not easy to cope when you have lost so much and mums and dads are irreplaceable. I lost my daughter in January and I just try and deal with one day at a time. If you haven’t spoken to your GP it might be worth talking to him, tell him about your anxieties generally and your worries over that particular day. Grieving is painful and soul destroying and you have got this far. Be proud of that and what you have achieved in the midst of your losses. Remember your parents would be so pleased for you. You have kept on keeping on, despite the pain of your losses. Your mum and dad loved you, they would want you to be proud of what you have achieved, as they would be. I know it sounds a bit crass but please be kind to yourself. You have a lot to deal with and somehow you are managing to get through each day, and that’s good enough for now. I wish you peace and send you all the best for the day. Please keep posting, it can help with the loneliness, which seems to be a part of grieving. Hugs to you. Take care of yourself, you deserve it. Xxxxx


Thank you for your kind words and support I had a tough time yesterday I had to book my tickets and gown. Regarding the guest’s part, I started crying and could not sleep last night. I was going to ask my aunt to attend but she brags that being there will upset me more, on what will be an emotional day for me. And before graduation is my mum’s birthday this month to deal with I am not doing well at the moment.