Emotional Rollercoaster

I am a twin. Our dad died last May, five days after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Our mum had bowel cancer diagnosed in October 2014 which then spread to the liver. We cared for her until her death six weeks after dad’s. Have just been sent home from work as couldn’t stop crying. Mum and dad lived in Dorset and this weekend put their flat on the market to sell. Have been travelling backwards and forwards trying to clear the flat.

Just feel totally worn out.

Hi Linda, i can hardly comprehend what you are going through at the moment, to lose someone close to you is devastating but to lose both parents within such a short space of time- unimaginable. i am not surprised you are tired and emotional, you have a huge amount on your plate. grieving is such an individual thing, we all do it in different ways and over different time frames, some days are harder than others. i guess putting the flat on the market and sorting out all your Mum and Dads things has been really hard and must make things feel even more final. Take it a day at a time, keep going and know that there are people here to support you. It might be worth considering some counselling as talking to someone face to face can really help. Cruse have a website you might be interested in www.cruse.org.uk.

Take care, Linda.

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Thank you Maria for your kind words. As I said I have a twin sister and we both looked after our mum for the last six weeks of her life so we have each other to talk to as both know what each other went through. We also both have the support of our husbands who are there for a shoulder to cry on. Yesterday was one of the “weepy days”. Today I feel a little stronger and able to deal with things.
Regards. Linda.

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