I have found that something quite trivial can really upset me now. Before i would probably have brushed it off but i am now much more sensative and find myself getting upset if a person doesn’t contact me when i hoped they would. I find it hard to txt people to arrange to meet as I’m afraid they will be too busy and its just not the same doing things on your own


I can’t listen to music, all the lyrics have taken on a different meaning now. The slightest thing can set me off. Adverts on the tv, things around the house that have always been there. I remember where and when we bought them. Even my own clothes, because I remember the last time I wore them everything was normal. Those awful funeral and life insurance adverts where the bereaved people are just smiling wistfully. I am not doing that, I am sobbing. Xx

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@Anne18 I often feel the same way. I am really hypersensitive.
I want people to come and support me but I get upset if they message. I also don’t often get in touch with people as I think they just don’t want to be reminded of what could happen to them and they don’t want to be brought down by my sadness and stress.
I feel abandoned by a whole load of folk but at the same time amusing them away.

I think it’s really difficult to know what you want when your entire world has been shattered - and I find people find it easier to avoid that rather than offer support.

I am hoping that as time passes I’ll be able to make more sense of what I am feeling and what I want. It at the moment it is just a complete mess and I wonder if I just have to accept that’s how it is at the moment.

Maybe trying to reach out to one person and see how that goes will help ?
I’m sure there are people who want to support you but just do know how.

It is hard to know what you want. People ask me how i am and i give the standard reply of okay but of course I’m not really but i dont want to admit it as then i will most likely get upset. Do your friends really want to know your feeling rubbish and your not sure how to deal with everything. Its now 5 months since i lost my husband and i feel worse at the moment than i did early on. I think i could be at the acceptance stage and i am trying to be positive but its very hard to find a way forward

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I have been thinking about posting about those awful funeral and life insurance ads. There are too many that really get to me but there are two each with a smug couple :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. One of them has just come on the tv :flushed::rage::rage:

True friends absolutely want to hear about how you are feeling that’s what friends do. Mine have been so supportive and I truly appreciate them as I have lost all my family, no kids, so totally alone but friends are your new family so reach out to them for support, those that don’t hear you are not friends. I belief that you have to be honest with yourself as well as others. Bereavement should not be shoved under the carpet

I wept buckets because a spiteful neighbour egged my car because I parked in front of their house ( it s a terraced street and everybody parks anywhere we do not have our own space).
I wept buckets because I did some paperwork wrong and had to ring up and get it sorted.
The smallest things taht go wrong do seem massive, it is because we are so raw and hurting we have not got the confidence or emotional strength to deal with things. I think it will get easier.