Hello all,
I am curious if other people have more empathy since the loss of their loved one?
My beautiful wife passed on April 29th this year after 28 wonderful years together.
I am having days where I can manage my feelings and hold conversations with others. I have always considered myself a caring person, now though my emotions seem more highly charged and I get overly concerned about how they feel and how they are.
I still struggle with general chitchat, I want to know that whoever I am talking to is okay, I have to stop myself from asking personal questions.

I try to keep things as light hearted as I can, I guess this is just another extra emotion I have “found”.
It’s not an issue, I was just wondering if any of you lovely folk feel the sam?

Joe x

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Hi Joe , I have a mixture of new emotions every day . I find I’m kinder to total strangers now. If an elderly person starts talking to me I will listen and ask questions about them and show concern . Where before my husband died I would of just smiled at them and walked on . But I am also finding I get angry easily and more often with colleagues and relations . Hope it’s just part of grieving . And not that I’m just turning into a nasty old woman xtake carex

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Hey Broken,
Thanks for replying. Now you mention it I get snappy quite easily as well, didn’t even realise until you just wrote.
Slowly getting some motivation back though so that’s good.
Joe x

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Good that you are getting some motivation back . I get lots of thoughts in my head to do things ,but never follow through on them . But at least the thoughts are there now . It makes me feel a bit better knowing that I’m not the only one that gets a bit snappy . Perhaps this is " normal" behaviour . Xtake carex

Hi Broken,
That’s got to be a good thing, having thoughts of doing stuff.
I imagine that like me a while back, just thinking brought on tears and anxiety so little positives.
There might be a light at the end of the tunnel?
Joe x

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Let’s hope so for both of us and others .

I’m wondering if it’s “survival” mode?
Is it deflecting anyone asking how we are??

G. X

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My emotional reactions have gone haywire too. I cry more easily when I see or hear about people suffering, even just watching a tv programme. I also get snappy at nothing, get angry, impatient, intolerant, irrational, stubborn, the list is endless. The only emotion which I’ve completely lost is ‘laughter’ and of course, smiling.


I’ve been seeing a hypnotherapist and the guy has been explaining about survival mode and how the brain can react in times of trauma.
It has helped as I can smile sometimes, usually watching TV but also when talking.
I haven’t had proper laughter, one day we will all look back on a funny memory of our loved ones and laugh… hopefully.