Since the loss of my wife in April I feel that I have progressively developed a void within me. I can only describe like sucking a sherbert lemon until only the shell is left.
Sometimes that void seems to be smaller when I feel positive enough to celebrate memories.Other times it seems like it physically i staking me over. Has anybody had a similar experience?

So sorry to hear about your loss.
It is completely normal to feel all of those things, everyone copes differently in these situations.
It’s going to take time for you to heal but just always remember how far you’ve already come, be proud of yourself and celebrate the little achievements like getting out of bed in the morning or managing to speak up about your feelings.
Have you thought about seeking professional help? It may be something to consider so you don’t feel so alone!
It will get better in time, just take each day as it comes x

Professional help - I 'm not sure where to go.Thanks fro your encouraging reply Abbie

You can go to your local GP and they can refer you for help or if you’re not quite ready, there are some online live chats you can have with therapists, they can really help if you need someone to listen :slight_smile:

thanks will look at the live chat route
best wishes